Weekly Summery #9

This week was long, I was awake most of the week working on coding work and a coding project. I was up until midnight on Monday, and on Tuesday I started coding at 9:00 am, took a break at 4:00 pm, resumed at 9:00 pm, and finished at 4:00 am on Wednesday. There was a problem with one of our classes which plagued us throughout the project, I can’t go into further detail due to the honor policy, but it took hours of pondering, testing, and fixes before it was finally working. Normally we would present the project to the professor, but with the Wuhan Coronavirus, had to submit video footage of it running. We’d record the code running for 30 minutes for the footage, and after 30 minutes of recording, find a significant error, rewrite and do testing, record for the footage again, find a significant error, then repeat. It went on for hours, I was up for 14 hours coding, and was awake for 20 hours straight from Tuesday to Wednesday morning. We all eventually fixed the code after we all endured the grueling time, and it runs as it should. Social isolation hasn’t effected me too much, I’ve practically already lived in social isolation most of my life, and it’s been interesting seeing how other people have adapted. I’ve spent most of my time alone, doing either work, eating from supplies, or having some free time. I’m hoping I’ll have more time over the weekend to sleep and relax. My cat keeps hogging most of the space on my bed, making it difficult for me to sleep, but I can never get angry with my cat, lol. I wasn’t able to listen Monday and Tuesday due to my work, but Wednesday’s shows were interesting. I enjoyed the Crime Show, it was interesting, and it was nice to hear my group’s show on the radio. This week I redid the Audio from Hell assignment, which was fun to make a horrible, ear shattering screeching noise; I created an interesting story combing the paint from the Holi daily create, the handwashing from the handwashing diagram daily create, and the Wuhan Coronavirus daily create; listed ideas for future projects, such as Radio Show 2:Electric Boogaloo; and reflected on the Radio Show I listened to.

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