Weekly Summery #6

This week started solemn, where I visited my grandmother’s grave on Sunday for the anniversary of her birthday. She died back in June, and they still haven’t made the tombstone for her yet, which is frustrating, so there’s just this square hole in the ground above where her urn is buried. I found out midterms are next week, spring break came quickly this year. I’ve spent most of this week awake and working, and ran out of food again. Wednesday was fun with watching the debate with my club, Bloomberg got destroyed in the debate, and I don’t think he can recover. I honestly predict Sanders will win the primary, then loose to Trump. Extreme candidates do well in the primaries, but have to get the moderate vote. My group programming project went well, but my teacher had to spend the first thirty minutes saying my class was almost a whole month behind because some people in my class still did not programming basics, such as while loops. This scares me how somebody could get into CPSC 240 without knowing how to make a loop, it would be like getting into algebra class without knowing how to multiply. I hope that the teacher will let these people learn the basics quickly on their own time or just fail so that the rest of the students can move on with actually learning new content, I don’t want to be a semester behind my peers and waste money on a coarse. On a brighter note, I’m glad that I was able to inspire our professor Bond in converting his image to a glorious sound, lol:

My assignment bank assignments were interesting to make, and I felt satisfied with them, but took much longer then I expected in MS Paint.

The menu design was based off of an old 1980’s green and black personal computer interface

The warning label was designed for Valve’s Portal Gun, a great device which in the Portal games can create portals between any two points.

The contradiction assignment was easy, I always contradict myself, lol

This assignment was fun, but was long to do in MS Paint, lol. I created a wanted criminal poster for communism, essentially

An interesting read

Since I could never get Instagram to work, I posted the images to the blog.

Daily Creates:

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