Weekly Summery #5

This week was long and tiring, I only ate on average 1 meal per day, and usually had between 2-5 hours of sleep per day. Programming was fun as always, but the rest of the week was exhausting, with me working until late in the morning on a few days, especially on Thursday-Friday where I had worked until 9:00 am on Friday morning. I ran out of tissues during the week, and with my nose in full allergy mode, it was annoying. With time being constrained, especially with my night class, I unfortunately missed the Tweet-A-Long assignment, but I hope next week will be better. Coordinating with my group members in my programming class has worked out good, and we expect a finished program by Sunday. I had honestly forgotten Valentines day was on Friday, and wouldn’t have known had it not been for Google’s unusual doodle. My Grandfather has had a hard time dealing with this week, this is the first Valentines day that he’s had since his wife died, and Sunday will be the first anniversary of her birthday since her death. In politics club, I had a good time for our week’s topic of religion, and I’m exited that my club will watch the presidential primary debate to scrutinize the remaining candidates. The last one we watched, we had a tally sheet to record points based off of what a candidate said, with a negative for each time they said something we strongly disagree with, and a positive for tolerate; Elizabeth Warren got a -65 for my sheet, lol. The sound in hell assignment was fun, so I could upload a horrid, loud, screeching noise certain to cause one’s eardrums to explode, I use something similar for my cell-phone alarm, which can wake and keep me up after only having one hour of sleep in the past 24 hours and no coffee. Last week I forgot about the write up, but I’ve made sure to do it this week in each Assignment Bank assignment, as stated in the Write-Up guide.

Links to this week’s assignments:

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