Weekly Summery #12

This week was long, I’ve been up past midnight every day of the week doing something. While eating breakfast before going to sleep in the morning, I’ve watched an episode or two of the Office, a great comedy show. I spent nearly 4 hours getting the internal province reader for my massive mega-converter Imperator:Rome to Crusader Kings II project working, but it’s finally reading population correctly. The converter imports data from the Imperator:Rome save file, processes that data internally (like merging Imperator:Rome provinces to fit a CK II province), convert that internal data to a form Crusader Kings II will understand, and output the internal data as Crusader Kings II mod files. Since Imperator:Rome ends in 20 B.C. and Crusader Kings II starts in 769 A.D. usually, the mod will push the Crusader Kings II start back at 100 A.D. (going further would cause the game to break), and add events for things like the Hunnic Invasion, spread of Christianity, and rise of Islam. The custom SuperPAC assignment was fun to make, I was able to promote an issue I feel strongly about, and the remixes were an interesting concept, although one of the random fusions I got stuck with was worth 0 stars and had no description whatsoever, but I tried to make something from it.

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