Weekly Summery #11

This week was alright, except for the homework, but less then I imagined. The dreaded writing assignment for my programming class, unlike the other two 4 page papers, was posting answers to 6 simple questions, and my Deep Learning Neural Network class didn’t have us write any code at all. I started working on a converter program in Java which will take a save file from the Roman Republic strategy game Imperator:Rome, and generate a mod for the medieval Europe simulator game Crusader Kings II, with the idea of completely playing out the game in Imperator:Rome, then continuing in the medieval era of the other game, with starting CK II countries representing how they were by the end of Imperator:Rome. If I play as Carthage and destroy the Roman Republic in Imperator:Rome, for example, then Carthage should own all of that land in Crusader Kings II. Currently the converter just takes information from a province in a save file and extracts the information from it, like what nation owned the province, what was the culture of that province, how many people were living in there, etc. Since there’s a large time gap between 1 AD (the ending of Imperator:Rome) and 700 AD (the beginning of Crusader Kings II), I plan to have the program set Crusader Kings II’s start date to either 1 AD or 100 AD, and generate the events necessary to simulate the historical events at the time, like the rise of Feudalism, Christianity, and Islam. The video project was fun to make, and James’ editing was excellent. Lewis, James, Lilian, Kyle, and I all coordinated well online to finish the assignment, and I like how the final product turned out. I stuttered too much during my segments, but overall it looks and feels like a documentary, and Lewis’ funny segment definitely lightens up the mood, while Kyle and Lilian get specific with the details, which makes it feel polished. It was a real gas mask I was wearing, and the story about my great uncle George being an underwear salesman during the 1930’s depression is real, lol. My grandfather still has his suitcase full of 1930’s underwear.

Here’s the video on Youtube:

Progress and behind the scenes making my segments:

More Ideas for future projects:

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