Weekly Summery #10

Monday and Tuesday were pretty quiet, I avoided communication with most people, made food from supplies in the house, and remained safe from the virus. On Wednesday I was up until midnight working on homework. On Friday I mowed the lawn, did a paper for my history class, and stayed up until the early morning finishing my work. My old middle school and high school friend is getting married Saturday March 28th, and I’ll be watching it from a video live stream. I’ve made sure to avoid or clean packages in the mail, as Coronavirus survives on cardboard for 24 hours. This week my Radio project group came back together for the video project, which has a finished trailer, I did the daily create based off of the Coronavirus being able to live on cardbord for 24 hours, and I did the video scene analysis, although I avoided using copyrighted images. I can’t get Windows Movie Maker to run on Windows 10, so I’ve used the similar Windows Photostory software to make videos, but I have an old Windows XP computer I could use for Movie Maker videos in case Photostory becomes too limited to use.

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