Weekly Summary #1

This week was alright, I did not have much human contact, but I’m used to that. Except for a quick, required RA meeting, I went the entirety of Tuesday without seeing another human. I did my required work, kept to myself, and went to all of my classes. I had difficulty sleeping, and spent most of each day this week on less then 6 hours of sleep; on Thursday, for example I was awake from 5:00 am until 11:00 pm. For most of the Winter Break, I was on a nocturnal schedule, where I’d wake up for dinner, stay awake throughout the night, and go to bed at breakfast, which had disadvantages, but I was able to have most of the night to myself, without worrying about other people listening to me on my computer, not that I was doing anything illegal or bad, but it was a relief of pressure on my mind knowing that nobody else was listening in on me. I was encouraged to get a regular sleep schedule, so I hardly slept for a few days, but it destroyed my circadian rhythm, resulting where, no matter the time I go to bed, I’ll get up early in the morning, and where I’ll always feel tired at night, the one time where I can be on my own and mind my own business. I am a major in Computer Science, and the AI class I am enrolled in was interesting, where we discussed artificial intelligence and three basic categories of it: AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. One of my professors is enrolled in the class as a student, which is interesting to me, and difficult for me to grasp the concept of my superior participating in class as a fellow student, but it’ll give me more stories to tell when I’m old. My history class on early North American and US history is interesting, I enjoy the way it is set up as a lecture and discussion, where the professor will talk to us for a bit, and then us, the students, will process the information and answer questions back. My programming class is intriguing, but it’s late in the day, from 2:00 pm to 3:45 pm, and I feel so tired during the lecture, maybe it was from the sleep deprivation, but I still get through and power through regardless. I have another online class, but all I needed to do this week was setting up a Google Virtual Machine. The worst part of this week was setting up the social media accounts; I always have, and always will hate and despise social media with a passion. I’ve always treated social media as unnatural and corruptive to the mind, where people would bring out their wretched cell phones to blindly follow others, listen to trends, and do dumbass challenges, like dumping a bucket of icewater on one’s head. People have stopped talking to eachother, and merely thumb on their tiny screens all day, only caring for pathetic and simple image manipulations on their favorite Instagram. Even worse, one’s personal information was at risk, especially with Cambridge Analytica, and people posting their entire lives on the internet; If one wanted to hunt down and kill a person, it would be easy to do so with all of that information posted. I enjoy having secrets, for the internet is not the place for one’s personal life. Every second I spent setting up Twitter and Instagram, I could feel my soul being violently ripped and teared out of me, as a man with pollen in the eyes fiercely scratches at his eyes. Instagram banned me immediately upon account creation, and had an error on making a second account, while Twitter defacto blocked me when I created the first account, but the second one worked out. I have never heard of Sound Cloud, but the account creation was straightforward. On Sound Cloud, however, I was greeted to disturbing pictures of disgusting, haggard people covered in tattoos, with many peaces of twisted jewelry and large holes in their ears. Why would anybody molest and dement their natural form to such a perverted shape? Such moldy, musty, and stretched colors upon body parts was greatly unsightly, quite frankly, they looked like people who would use drugs. This greatly bothered and frustrated me for hours, what would their ancestors who led to their creation think of them now? How could parents create and raise such children to be so alien and disgusting? I did set up my website, and it was fun to play with the HTML language, and I did post the first two blog post assignments: Earlier in the week, I continued a large weekly multiplayer Imperator:Rome game, where I led the Greek City State colony of Olbia to conquer much of the modern day Ukraine, here’s the official screenshot of this week’s multiplayer session: I didn’t realize that Monday was a holiday until my Professor today wished us a happy, long weekend, so that was an exciting realization to end off the week.

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