Think about the Visuals of Storytelling Answer

I almost never take photographs of my personal life or in general, I am reclusive and do not see the need to publish identifying landmarks about my location. A few years ago in 2013, I took a picture of my fat cat, and back in the summer I took a picture of highly unusual fog. When I take a photograph, I make sure that the camera or cell phone is still, as to not create blur. Photographs I view as historical records, accurate windows into the past, or potentially for propaganda so I usually ignore emotion and meaning when I take a photograph. After reviewing the resources, I don’t see any need to adjust my philosophy, since I rarely take pictures, and when I do emotion is usually irrelevant. An image does not create a narrative, but rather the viewer interprets the image at their discretion, with infinitely possible interpretations existing. The same with a story; all is in the eye of the beholder.

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