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I enjoyed my group’s project of doing a documentary on the aftershock of the epidemic. Perhaps we could do something similar, and showcase how we’re handling the epidemic, and not being able to go outdoors, since this current issue effects everybody in the country and we can all relate to it. It would be interesting to see how everybody is holding up, since most people have very different responses. I’m doing fine, for example, since my major and personal enjoyment/entertainment all revolve around computers and technology, but people who enjoy socializing with friends, exercising, or doing outdoor activities might have the exact opposite experience. Perhaps we could do a live video or live radio show about what we were doing at the time of the initial outbreak, what we thought as school was moved to online, and how we’ve held up.

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I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone attempt something live for a final project, probably out of fear that it leaves too much to chance. It would be interesting to make it a component of a project though. I could imagine proposing scenarios or questions for discussion, gathering people for one or more live discussions via Skype or Google Hangouts, recording them and then creating a post-discussion wrap-up. The challenge with anything live is coordinating people’s schedules, but that might actually be easier under lockdown.

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