Listening to the 80’s Crime Radio Show and Reflection

This show felt professional, well researched, well documented, greatly presented, and intriguing. The one psychopath who had cut off men’s genitalia, played with the corpses, and severed the heads off of the bodies was interesting. The way he would mutilate the corpses and brutally kill his victims almost reminds me of warfare in the ancient world, where the Assyrians at the height of their power would flay the skins of enemy soldiers, and drape them over the walls of the captured enemy city. The case of the confession killer wasn’t as interesting, since he did not actually kill anybody, but just took credit for doing the murders. The audio was smooth flowing, and was meshed perfectly with the interview clips and commercials. The toilet paper commercial was funny, and was perfectly timed with the toilet paper shortages in the country. It was interesting how they had only 1 or 2 speakers throughout the show, my group had done the opposite and each member wrote and submitted their own recordings, making both products intriguing to compare. The background noise was great and was perfect for the theme. My main concern with the crime show was the interview recordings they inserted, and while they worked perfectly, it might be copyright infringement to use another’s work.

I had already listened to my group’s final product before Wednesday, and it felt the same on air as being played in Audacity. I used too many metaphors and comparisons, and had far too many stuttering, which made my segment significantly more difficult to understand. My commercial was better executed then my segment, but had similar stuttering problems. James, Lewis, Lillian, Kyle, and I worked great together, and I think we would work great together again in the future on another project.

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