Final Project Plan

I’m planning that the final project will be a history documentary about an alternate dystopian future caused by the Coronavirus, where I’ll be combining video, images, and audio together to paint the future history of the geopolitical ramifications of a Coronavirus which rapidly mutates out of control, becomes significantly more deadly, and eviscerates the economies of every country. I saw in the news that a new symptom of foot lesions has recently shown up in Spain, France, and Italy, so a significant mutation might not be too far fetched. I will create a few modifications to one of my political simulator games to show the rapid spread of the virus and the rapid collapse of governments throughout the world, record the in-game footage, and commentate over the events as they happened, while inserting relevant images from time to time, almost like a history show in the far future. I’m also considering working with my group members from the last projects (Kyle, Lewis, Lilian, and James), and we’ll meet sometime on Sunday to discuss plans to work together and integrate our ideas, likely around a similar theme.

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