Final Project, 80’s remix

This final project was interesting to make, early on I did have copyright concerns, but after those were resolved it was smooth sailing. Lewis, Kyle, Lilian, James, and I switched to using Skype for our meetings after it was discovered that Zoom was insecure and potentially harmful to use, and we met on Sunday to discuss how to split up the workload. The project would be similar to the radio show’s format, with an announcer calling up people to speak about their favorite 1980’s songs and remixes to those songs, while also including relevant images to create a 1980’s atmosphere. Lilian, James, and I would each find our own 1980’s song, find remixes to those same songs, then record ourselves discussing the song and compare/contrast the original to the remix. Kyle would edit our audio clips together and add pictures, while Lewis would be the announcer and introduce us whenever our parts would come on. The video had problems uploading as one piece, so James split the video in half and uploaded 2 parts to it. Kenny Loggins’ I’m Free (Heaven Helps the Man) is a great, less well known song, which was perfect for me to talk about. Since it was less well known, however, there were few remixes available online, and it took me a while to find one. Eventually after several searches deep within the depths of Google Search, I found a remix that was used in the popular movie Footloose, which wasn’t nearly as good, since it replaced the electronic instruments with triangles, but it was interesting to talk about and listen to. I think the final project turned out great, and watching it gives a taste of popular music during the 1980’s.

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