Assignment Bank: Superhuman In Everyday Life

If I were given any super power, mine would be to completely warp and bend reality to my will. Coronavirus could be instantly eliminated with a single thought, or the world hunger could be wiped out with a snap of the fingers. After solving these problems, I’d likely retreat into self-imposed isolation and create a parallel universe, with which I could toy with for eternity, creating massive solar systems, destroying galaxies, changing the laws of physics, and creating civilizations. With this level of power, I would not need to return to the world, buy food to feed myself, or pay taxes, and I would not need to be concerned with my own death, as I’d be able to stop my aging entirely. I could pop into random places on Earth from time to time, like the field pictured, and change it beyond recognition. I would be able to travel billions of years into humanity’s future, help humanity along the way, and analyze all of the alternate possibilities of each action. I’d continue on perpetually, like a reverent, and find permanent relaxation with my immortality, being able to rest, have fun, and enjoy life forever.

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