Assignment Bank: Missing Person

After seeing an assignment to create a poster for a missing poster, I had a great idea: Why not make this missing person a criminal, and why make it a person at all? On November 9th, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, and signaled the end of Communism in Europe. Being such a significant moment in history tying into our theme, this was an excellent opportunity to highlight that moment, as well as those who suffered under Communist rule during the decade by personifying Communism as an escaped murderer on the loose, nowhere to be found. I used Microsoft Paint for the assignment, using the text tool to write out the text, criticizing and describing both the horrors of the terrible ideology and it being overthrown as a person. I copied/pasted the USSR flag from Wikipedia, which is free use, and used the Old English Text MT font on the title to make it look like an authentic newspaper headline.

The assignment link:

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