1980’s Rewrite Radio Show Week 2 Progress

Many of us in the group had thought that the project was due on the Friday during Spring break, so we were all stressing to quickly finish the project during break, frantically trying to schedule a group call over GroupMe with our cell phones and get everything planned out, but after Lillian and James pointed out that the due date was the Friday after Spring break, so we were all relieved, and relaxed. We eventually decided that we’d do a talk show format where we’d record each of our parts individually, submit them to Google Drive, and have Kyle mesh them together. Lewis and I met at 4:25 pm EST in the HCC on Wednesday to discuss details of the project, and agreed that we’d submit audio to the editor in any file format readable by audacity, but as we were meeting, the school announced the rest of the week was cancelled, and that all classes would be moved online due to the Coronavirus, so we quickly ended our meeting. I finished my audio segment by 8:00 am on Thursday, and my commercial and bumper around 9:00 am on the same day, and submitted them on our Google Drive. For my commercial, I was inspired by those bad/sometimes funny infomercials they used to show on TV all of the time with impossible claims and deals, and I’ve heard children used to stick cookies in VHS players, so I thought that this would be a possible product. Main audio was straight forward, since the Soviet Union already had major issues, especially with information, I’d assume that with social media, it would collapse much sooner then in our own timeline. On Friday, Kyle put all of our audio together, and uploaded it to Sound Cloud: