Assignment Bank Website Fusion: OANUMW

I’ve fused together the news website One America News with the home webpage for the University of Mary Washington, to create the wonderful abomination One America News of the University of Mary Washington (OANUMW). The combined website has University of Mary Washington’s main navigation bar and yellow notice at the top, but with elements of One America News’ main webpage fused into the design, such as the search bar. Beneath the navigation is One America News’ main headline article for the day, with a mix of One America News and University of Mary Washington headlines within the UMW in the News bar to the right. Towards the bottom is University of Mary Washington news articles with One America News’ red coloration.

This was created by using Google Chrome’s Inspect Element functionality to manually interlace the HTML code of UMW’s home page with segments of code taken from OAN’s front page, which allowed the website to actually somewhat function. Most of the news article links, for example, would still work and lead to their respective page on either website. I thought it would be funny to see what the two would look like together, since both websites had news, but with different political leanings. The original links to both websites are for UMW’s website, and for OAN’s website.