Connected Daily Create Story

Upon walking into a Walmart at 4:00 am, a man wandered into the painting isle, looking for more paint buckets to store water drinking in, but as the man was climbing the ladder to reach the paint bucket, the man slipped and fell down upon the fresh lead-based paint supplies below, bathing everything in a lukewarm, slightly toxic colored coating. The man just left the bucket on the floor, and came up with an excellent idea: Why not scrape off the coating of free paint upon his clothing and arms, and sell it to random people off of the street for profit, like lemonade? The man then promptly escaped the wrath of the store employees, got a chisel, and began to scrape off the paint into several cardboard containers for six hours in the Walmart parking lot. After taking a break, he then walked towards a random person’s house. As a greeting gift, he gave a free sample of paint by throwing some at them, and to avoid contact due to the Wuhan Coronavirus, the man stared at the person and greeted without touching him. Bewildered, the person bought 2 boxes of paint, provided that the man would leave and never come again. Thrilled at his economic success, the man ran back to the Walmart, threw the remaining boxes of paint at the door, and fell asleep somewhere in the parking lot at 12:00 pm. Remembering hygiene, when he woke up at 12:00 am, he walked back home, and gargled random nonsense as he was washing his hands first with water, drying his hands, then coating them with soap, so that they’d stay soapy clean after washing hands.

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