Make A Simple Program DS106 Assignment Bank assignment

The assignment was to create a simple program that solves a problem. This program written in Java will take usernames, and assign each username a random province for use in the strategy game, Europa Universalis IV. It requires a Java IDE (such as BlueJ or Eclipse) and a .txt file for the provinces, which will be provided as well. Have both the .txt and .java files in the same folder or both on the desktop, then after launching the program, type the name of the .txt file, EU4RNG2.txt, when the program asks for it. Then type a username, such as NoobMaster69, and it’ll spit out the randomized province that player is assigned to build on. Type y if you want to add another person, then type their name, until you’ve added everybody that you desire. When the prompt to add another player appears, type n and the program will close. It’ll then output a file titled Assignments.txt, which is a text file with all of the players who were assigned what province.

Java file

Text file

Sample Assignments file, which should be output by the program after use